Loft Vila Leopoldina by Diego Revollo Arquitetura

This inspiring loft designed in 2013 by Diego Revollo Arquitetura is situated in São Paulo’s Vila Leopoldina district.

















Description by Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Located in Vila Leopoldina district on a contemporary way of living building, this 70m2 loft belongs to a young musical and advertisements actor. His modern lifestyle reflects the concept of an integrated loft, whose social and intimate areas are separated only by a curtain, which also refers to a theatrical scene.

For the whole structure of the apartment it was chosen a single material, “burnt cement”, which covers floor, walls and ceiling. It was added to this neutral structure an unusual mix of shades of burgundy, lilac and purple used on the curtains, on the carpet of the living room and also in the kitchen.

The kitchen with gray structure and burgundy cabinetry received a yellow top, which occupies the eating area and also the food preparation area. The choice of yellow broke the used shades and made the apartment even more modern and cheerful. In addition, the top on the same height for the stove and for the dining table was a bold architectural solution.

Contrary to the idea that small spaces ask for small furniture, it was chosen an ultra sized sofa, which takes up two walls of the living room. Unlike what people imagine, this sofa has brought immense breadth and lightness to the room. As a request of the client who lives alone, the intimate area was designed to bring a lot of comfort . The closet, the bathroom and tub were sectored by creating a gap and also with the choice of natural wood for the floor. The integration of this area created an atmosphere of SPA or a real “bath room”, unexpected for an apartment of 70 m2. Also in this area, it was created a small office with acoustic isolation that allows the owner to work and make audio recordings di rectly from his home.

The result is a well used apartment, that brings everything to a practical and actual lifestyle, without losing the beauty.

Photography by Alain Brugier

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